Rental Car Info

Renting a Vehicle while your vehicle is being repaired.

You may have questions regarding the rental vehicle you may have during your repairs.

The insurance company does not rent the vehicle you are. They will normally pay the daily rental fee directly to the rental company.

The most common rental companies that have direct billing for rentals during repairs are Hertz and Enterprise.

General requirements.
1) You must have a valid driver’s license with you.

2) You must have a current proof of insurance on your vehicle.
a. Even if you are a claimant and someone else s insurance will be covering the cost of repair, you are still required to have insurance that covers the rental vehicle. Insurance companies are required to pay for or reimburse you for the rental vehicle while your vehicle is being repaired, however they are not required to provide insurance for the rental vehicle.
b. Import disclaimer: If you are under 21 and you have Viking, Permanent General or Titan insurance, your rental coverage on your insurance will not transfer to a rental vehicle and you may not be able to rent a vehicle.
c. Rental companies have differing policies on renting to those under the age of 21. Please contact the rental company directly.
3) You must have a major credit card with you.
a. Since you are renting the car you are responsible for damage and returning the car with the appropriate amount of fuel. It is normally required that you must have a credit card that the rental company can authorize a nominal fee. If the vehicle is undamaged and returned with the correct amount of fuel there should be no charges for these items.
4) Please keep in mind that insurance companies may decline to pay for avoidable excess rental days. You would be responsible for these days. Please contact the responsible insurance company with any questions.
a. If your vehicle takes 4 business days to repair and you elect to drop off your car on a Friday they would consider the weekend avoidable excess rental days. If your vehicle is unsafe to drive and needs to be towed these days would not normally be considered avoidable excess rental days.
b. If you are unable to pick up your vehicle once it is completed they may consider any additional days to be avoidable excess rental days.
c. If you do not authorize repairs in a timely manner.
d. Any other circumstance where the delay is caused by you.
5) If the claim is being paid for by your insurance company under your policy please be aware of any limits. These limits may include cost per day, and number of rental days.

6) Enterprise and Hertz will pick you up from Perry & Terry.
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