Repair Process


The damages need to be assessed.

Vehicle is drivable
An appointment would be set for the estimate.  During the estimate appointment the claims specialist will discuss the damages and any of your repair concerns.   Parts will need to be ordered for the repairs and take 1-3 days.  For your convenience we order the parts and have you bring the vehicle back when the parts have arrived.  Customers are welcome to leave their vehicles at this time but the time out of your vehicle is increased and insurance companies may not cover additional rental car days.

Vehicle is not drivable
We will arrange for your vehicle to be towed to our facility.  Request your verbal authorization to disassemble the vehicle to check for any hidden damage.  We will advise once the estimate is completed.  We have authorizations that need to be signed to begin the repair process.  Customers are welcome to come down to the facility to go over the estimate and sign the authorization.  If it is not convenient we can either fax or email the estimate and authorizations.

Check in/Disassembly
Photos of vehicle are taken and then assigned to a technician.  Disassemble vehicle as needed to view any hidden damages.  The original estimate is written based on visible damage.

Body/Structural repair
Any damaged metal will be reshaped.  Replacement parts will be installed and inspected for fit.  Frame damage will measured by a computerized measuring system if needed to return the vehicle back to factory specifications.  Suspension, mechanical and airbag systems would be repaired or replaced if in conjunction with the accident.

The vehicle is sanded and prepared for the primer to be applied.  Once the primer has been applied the vehicle is cleaned to be put in the down draft booth.  The refinish tech will apply various coats of base, color and clear coat to the vehicle depending on the original finish.   Once the final coat is applied, the refinish is baked to cure. Trim panels, glass, moldings and emblems will be reinstalled as needed.

Courtesy clean/Final inspection
Our technicians wash the exterior of the vehicle and vacuum the interior of the vehicle.  The claims specialist will go over the repairs of the vehicle for quality.

Paperwork is completed, payment is collected and one of our claims specialists will go over the repairs with the customer.
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